Modular Screed Plate System

The dreaded days of changing out conventional screed plates are behind us. AXENOX™ brand's patented system is revolutionary. After the one time insulated conductor plate install, changing wear parts is a simple task. The  limitations in conventional technology are now gone, our inceptive BULLOX® system allows for textures and the use of better suited materials tailored for your specific needs. Paving a superior product with extreme wear resistance and less maintenance means your bottom line will be rising. 

Changing screed plates is nothing more then a lock and go; no nuts and bolts involved. With highly durable plates you won't need to do this frequently but when you do, changing plates is a simple task. Our screed plates are manufactured in various widths, both smooth and textured.

US Patent No. 10,156,049 B1

Canadian Patent No. 3,035,748

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