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BULLOX® modular screed plate system is like nothing else currently available. This patented technology features a one time conductor plate install and an easy attach wear plate system. This concept changes the industry.  Installation is quick and maintenance is easy. Once our BULLOX® system is installed you will spend more time paving and less time on maintenance.

OXCLAW™ Textures apply multiple force vectors to the aggregate resulting in a dense, stable  smooth mat.


Pictured above 3DX  hi-chrome cast plates for our BULLOX® system provide durability and extreme longevity. 

A versatile tool designed to place and finish multiple materials efficiently; leaving a desirable, unsegregated surface.


Customization options to fit your specific needs with a variety of widths, textures and replaceable parts.


An internally gusseted body, made from 100% magnesium makes for a very light weight, rigid and long lasting SURFAXE™.



As young boys they spent hours building roads and acquiring their first equipment fleet of Tonka Toys. As preteens they joined the family construction business and in 1999 they created Mountain Construction Company where you will still see them working on the crew today. This has led to years of experience, knowledge and a yearning to make the job more efficient and cost effective. AXENOX™ brand of equipment, hand tools and expertise, is the culmination of countless hours and first hand experience from Michael and Stuart Frost. Under their leadership a team has been formed that provides solutions to the construction trade by designing, engineering and producing industry products, equipment attachments, and various hand tools.

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